Essay On Scout Finch As A Narrator In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee “How does using Scout as a narrator influence the readers’ understanding of the characters and themes in To Kill a Mockingbird?” Using Scout Finch as a narrator in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” influences the reader’s understanding of the characters and themes of the book. This allows the readers to see through the eyes of an intelligent, amiable little girl who is shielded by innocence from the world of hatred and anger around her. Scout’s upbringing also comes into her view of life; her father is a very compassionate and accepting man. Atticus Finch (Scout’s father) has nurtured her individuality, mind and attitude without allowing her to be influenced by the people around her. Scout is described as a tomboy and free minded, her thoughts are developed easily that way and she is mature for her age about different situations. The behaviour of people around her often…show more content…
Harper Lee is the author of the book and she was a similar age to Scout in the 1930s. Harper Lee gives a very detailed description of the book - it is worth remembering that the narrator is an adult woman, looking back across multiple decades as she remembers and relives her childhood. People argue that there are autobiographical elements in the book - it portrays a deeper understanding of the way people act and behave in those times. In the book, Scout is described as “mature for her age”. This is because Harper Lee has incorporated her experiences as a child growing up in a society like Maycomb’s, but has also written about her understanding of these events and put these thoughts and ideas into Scout’s mind. This allows the readers to relive the experience of the book with Harper Lee as she looks back on past events of her childhood. It gives readers an accurate and descriptive perspective on the happenings in the

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