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Thomas Henderson Professor Nakley 10/6/14 English 292 Love and Danger in Judith Love and danger are often paired together. Countless times people say that beauty is dangerous, but oftentimes where that idea comes from is not clear. Judith is one of the earliest instances in where beauty and danger go hand in hand, and it is interesting to see how that leads to Judith to being a very powerful character, and a good character at that. In the case of Judith beauty and danger are very literally connected, as well as figuratively. More specifically, the scene where Judith seduces and subsequently kills Holofernes is a direct indication that beauty and danger are partners. Those lines where the tyrant is beheaded are the most powerful, the most…show more content…
Holofernes is eating out of the palm of her hand while she seduces and kills him, and he has no idea until it is far too late. Judith uses her beauty to gain the upper hand on him, and it’s something that she uses to perfection. Not only is Judith gorgeous, she is also dangerous, and that aspect of danger is shown when she beheads the tyrant. Judith is a hero, and she is a hero because of those two aspects of her person; her beauty and her ability to kill. This is personified in a very positive light as well. She isn’t painted in a bad light one time while she is with Holofernes. Her ability to use her beauty to get what she wants and end the tyranny of a terrible person is praised, and considered a courageous thing to do. The way that Judith’s combination of beauty and danger is perceived is the most important part of these lines in Judith because they solidify her as the good and righteous character; they make the story of the poem. These lines plainly show how powerful Judith is, and that is attributed to her ability to use her sexuality and beauty to help get what she wants, and her ability to use her dangerousness to complete anything she wants. Also, they are connected for Judith very literally; without one or the other, she does not complete her goal and kill both. They very intimately go hand in hand, and that does not have to be a bad thing. Beauty and danger is truly a deadly combination, just ask

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