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2.2.3 ISSUE ON REHABILITATION PROCESS Process of rehabilitation happen when there are abandoned and the work are not reach to the final process (Hamzah, Ali, Maryam, and Abdul Aziz, 2013). Although rehabilitation process are very important there are also some issue happen during process rehabilitation such as location of the site which is the land of the site are not in a good condition. Besides that, the humidity of the building which is often applied to the walls, floors and ceilings of the building. For examples, the previous building condition show that the surface of the walls and ceilings of wet spots of the floor is moist. It is because the conditions of the atmosphere in the existing building are unhealthy. This will disturb the process of rehabilitation. Next in a painting issue, the paint coating requires constant and continuous maintenance to keep the surface fresh. During the rehabilitation necessary care are really needed such as wash the surface of the wall and to remove dust and dirt to repaint it. In addition, the surface layer and other layers need to be added to ensure there is no defect. However, defects may also occur in many situations due to the various causes of low quality work in preparing surfaces and placing materials. When there are improper installation happened, it will cause a long period of time…show more content…
In fact, the construction project involves a very long time to be repair. This is because the restoration process of the building is very complex, and it involves many participants. One of the risks that can be taken into account is in terms of the final cost, duration and quality project. Sometimes the rehabilitation project of the abandoned building does not give benefit to the contractor. There are a lot of things that can be a risk to the building's rehabilitation process, in terms of law, risk regulation, finance, business and

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