Essay On Overcoming Insecurity

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How To Prevent Insecurity From Getting In The Way Of Expressing Yourself While it may not look this way, most people actually feel very insecure about themselves. These feelings are completely normal, but still unpleasant. Moreover, sometimes they not just only come and go, but stay for a long time, affecting our lives, ruining our self-esteem and causing various depressive thoughts. And that’s not all: insecurity can deal even more damage if you really start believing that these thoughts are objective. When people feel insecure, they become too shy, too distracted, too scared to do something important, and that affects not only their relationships with other people, but also both personal life and work. Imagine a person who starts having doubts about their…show more content…
Accept that it is completely normal. Sometimes people suffering from painful and insecure thoughts may think they are the only ones having such thoughts. However, as mentioned above, most people have these thoughts, even if they are good at hiding this. When you start feeling insecure, remember that every person feels like that even once a while and it is completely normal. This will help you to avoid punishing yourself for feeling all this in the first place. 2. Focus on your thoughts. If you want to overcome insecurity, you need to understand which things scare you the most and why they scare you so much. That’s why when you start feeling bad about yourself, focus on these thoughts and try to understand them instead of letting them ruin your mood and your day. For example, if you think that people look at you with judgement, ask yourself, why it so important to you? Why does it matter what strangers think? Are you really willing to change your style or your attitude so they would look at you in a different way? Maybe you’ll find out that this actually isn’t as important to you as you

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