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Act today to change tomorrow If you look up in the dictionary the word ‘Non Communicable Diseases’ means a diseases that is not transmitted through contact with an infected or afflicted person. The number of deaths a year due to non communicable diseases is 38 million and this number is always rising. Diabetes is one of the main non communicable diseases. There are three types of diabetes. They are: Diabetes Mellitus, insulin-dependent diabetes and non- insulin diabetes. Since the number of people who are dying from diabetes is increasing rapidly we need to find a way to prevent it. There are 6 ways to prevent diabetes. They are: Maintaining a healthy weight This could be achieved by regular exercise. You could do simple things like walking a dog daily, jogging daily and even if possible cycling to work. This could prevent diabetes. You could also maintain a healthy weight by eating at least 5 vegetables and fruits a day. Making better food choices When making better food choices you should mostly choose foods like vegetables, fruits and nut. Also having green leaves is moreover…show more content…
Firstly governments could reduce the number of junk foods or fast foods sold by restaurants. The government could make them replaces the unhealthy meals with more organic and healthier meals. This would reduce the people from buying the usual food they would buy (Junk food) and even make them try the new additions. As you all know oil is one of the main causes of diabetes. The ministry can apply standards to the amount of oil which can be used to cook these unhealthy things. The authorities could send inspector every few weeks to check if the following rules are being followed by the relevant food sellers. This could reduce the amount of oil present in the fast foods, so people will eat the junk food but it will contain less amounts of oil the foods that had been there before the standard was

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