Residential Schools

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A residential school is "a government-supported boarding school for children from American Indian and Inuit communities" according to the definition in Google. These "boarding schools" were established in the late 19th Century to educate Native Americans and the Youth. Residential schools were first founded by Christian missionaries who believed that every native child deserved the right to a school nearby. This essay will discuss the points of genocide and what residential schools actually are. In North America, residential schools were developed in the late 19 century. These were no ordinary boarding schools, but such of harsh conditions and treatment. Children who attended these schools were forbidden to speak their own native languages…show more content…
The government in Australia wanted to separate the Aboriginal people from the pure Australian people. The government put in place the RCAP which stood for The Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. This act stated that "no person involved in Indian affairs doubted for a moment that separation was justified". The government also implemented the Tribal System for which Aborigines would move out of an area as quickly as possible. This was achieved through the establishment of Residential Schools, also know as Boarding Schools. Australia opened their first school in 1611. It started off as a day school, but then slowly progressed into a full residential school for Aboriginal people only. Like the North American schools, Australian schools were also run by Christian missionaries. Statistics show that up to 1/3 of all Aboriginal children were forced into Residential schools. These schools were not very educational but rather enforced hardships on the children. Many children were affected by the abuse that they suffered and the strain on their health and mental well-being. The government in Australia had no authority over these schools, and headmasters and headmistresses were given full permission to abuse or mistreat the children using different methods of abuse. A student described memories of recaptured runaways from the school being " forced to run a gauntlet where they were struck with anything that was at
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