Essay On Life's Not Fair

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Truth of the matter is until you are winning most people will feel like it isn’t fair. Mary excelled in various areas of her life. While gaining a successful job with excellent pay starting at forty thousand dollars right out of college and outstanding benefits, Mary Jones seems to still feel as if it’s not enough. Mary was also aware that since she was an exempt employee she would not be receiving any overtime for the extra hours she was putting in. The facility in Costa Rica had been struggling for a while and seemed to be having production problems. Mary’s assignment was to investigate and report the problems. While achieving those goals Mary found a solution the problem. This was a very challenging project due to the plant’s location which…show more content…
Throughout the country people have not been treated fairly for various reasons. Mary Jones seemed to be working exceptionally hard to accomplish deadlines. Anytime Mary was asked to complete an assignment Mary agreed, without reluctance. Mary Jones is a prime example of someone who is always winning Mary loved her position a lot and was very pleased when Tom; her manager came to her and asked if she would be a part of a team to investigate problems that were occurring at the manufacturing company in Costa Rica. She was unsure of how she did and how her evaluation would benefit her. To Mary’s surprise she did exceedingly well. Mary had done such a fantastic job on her review that she received a ten percent increase in her salary. She was motivated and thankful that she had accomplished such a great goal. She didn’t like the fact that someone who was doing the same thing she was going with not so much dedication and was making less than the other person. I agree I would have been upset also, Although Mary has excelled tremendously in the organization she finds out that she has not been paid top dollar for her services to me I believe that is a reasonable explanation of why she shouldn’t work there anymore. She felt disappointed and lied to. I truly believe that she would make more money working for the company in Costa Rica. She understood that

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