Essay On Jem's Transformation In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Sebastian.E English Essay #2: Throughout your life you experience growth both physically and mentally. In To Kill a Mockingbird Jem grows a lot and experiences many adjustments to his daily life and to himself (mentally and physically). There are many clues throughout the book that are given to show that Jeremy Finch is growing and evolving as the other characters change around him. In the beginning of the story Jem and Scout seem to get along quite well. Jem doesn’t mind hanging out with her and Scout loves to hang out with Jem. The first time Dill showed up Jem, Scout and Dill appeared to have fun playing together. The next time he came over things had changed. Jem wanted to spend more time with Dill and Dill wanted to spend more time…show more content…
He also started eating a lot more food than usual. Jem defiantly seems to be growing up and showing signs of puberty. And Calpurnia started calling him “Mister Jem”. Scout didn’t like this at all and complained about Calpurnia calling Jem “Mister”. He also seems to be far more protective of Scout now. Jem seems to be becoming more manly and mature than he was before. Scout described him as “allergic” to her in public. Jem starts to be additionally self-conscienceless and starts paying attention and caring about how others see him principally Atticus. He seems to be better at discerning the difference between right and wrong and looks as like he truly cares about his relationship with Atticus. His final loss of innocence occurred after the trial when Jem losses all faith in the citizens of and in judicial system of Maycomb County. After the trial he seemed devastated. He couldn’t believe what had happened. He had hoped that Tom Robinson would be set free. That was what all the evidence led up to, but in the end he was proclaimed guilty. Scout stated that “his shoulders jerked as if each guilty was a separate stab between them”. Through his reaction he showed that he cared, but no one else seemed to care. He had lost his

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