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The fully functional body and a sound mind should be considered a blessing of God. The ability of a person to perform involuntary and voluntary action can be seen as a way to demonstrate the beauty of this blessing. A man is capable of going anywhere whenever he wants and is capable of performing wonders as long as his body supports him. The youthful state of mind and body are a benison that should be looked after from a tender age. The constant care is required in order to keep them working. The life today spare no one and everybody is seen working like a machine and is less solicitous about his health. The money has become indispensable for every being. The indispensability of money is true to a certain extent. It is true that money can buy…show more content…
You do not only have to deal with the patient but also his loved ones who want to remain in a constant touch with the caregiver of the patient. Being nurse, patience is the most essential requirement expected by you. You not only have to bear the tantrums of the patient but also the constant dealing with the relatives of the patient might peeve you. Under such circumstances you have to be tolerant. A therapeutic nurse-patient relationship is the most generous relationship based on mutual trust, care and respect (Pullen, 2010). You have to first identify the needs of your patient. For this you may need to indulge in an in depth study of your patient’s previous record of illness. The moment you and your patient begin to know each other and come in harmony and healing, it is a point from which a journey towards rehabilitation starts (Pullen,…show more content…
Though she was suffering from an acute disease but the doctors were hopeful that with time and practice she can regain a little control. This helped Ms. IG in having an optimistic approach. She began to practice and with time she was able to hold a book but the shape of the fingers was not normal. But still she managed to accept the embodiment and began to feel

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