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CHAPTER Introduction This section manages general overview of the topic under discourse entitled, challenges confronted by Ndebele understudies when studying Zulu literature in secondary schools, the essayist will pinpoint the problem. Background of the study, statement of the problem, research questions, and significance of the study, delimitations, limitations and in addition defining key terms will likewise be explored in this section. Background of the study The analysts have been examining result investigation at Nketa high school, particularly for Ndebele subject. Shockingly the researcher was left shell shocked just to find that, comes about were not satisfying by any means. Ndebele is a native language, therefore each and every student…show more content…
Vambe (2006) proposes that, there is no nation which has advanced utilizing other individuals' languages. In this way the multilingual societies lacks identitybecause of language diffusion and collaboration with individuals of various morals and values hence aspects that are from sub dialectsof Ndebele become a source of problem relating the learning of Ndebele at large. These viewpoints in some cases are rooted in and supported by globalization which is an aftereffect of neo colonialism. Research objectives 1. The study needs to assess the difficulties that are being faced by Ndebele students while analyzing Zulu literature. 2. To assess the measures that can be taken in order to reduce the difficulties that are being faced by Ndebele students while criticizing Zulu literature. 3. To evaluate the wellsprings of issues confronted by Ndebele students in endeavoring to discover the interconnectedness amongst Zulu and Ndebele social orders. Research…show more content…
In this manner this investigation is of great significance in a way that it tries to air out the difficulties that are being confronted by Ndebele learners in endeavoring to liken their everyday living with their school literary works thus the researcher needs to discover the connection and interconnectedness between Ndebele learners and the Zulu writings. It appears that this investigation can be utilized by educational programs designers to cross over any barrier between Zulu writing and Ndebele learning society. Instructors and students needs to take the issue of Zulu writing with an authentic sight along these lines the significance of criticizing Zulu writing using Ndebele points of view should be of par-important to both educators and educational curriculum developers of Ndebele subject however not overlooking that Zulu writing has little to do with the Ndebele individuals living in the Zimbabwean side since the practices of Zulu individuals in South Africa are very unique in relation to that of Ndebele individuals in Zimbabwe, thus, this research can be used as guide in studying the difficulties confronted by Ndebele students while breaking down Zulu writing and in attempting to discover its linkage and relevance in the Ndebele education

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