Essay On Internal Memory

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Internal Memory Cache Cache is quick memory which is normally used in between the Random Access Memory (RAM) and Central Processing Unit (CPU). Cache memory is types of very quick RAM which helps maintain the processor speed. A computer needs Cache in order for the CPU and RAM to communicate. The CPU and RAM work at various speeds. Cache memory is needed because computer graphic files are normally really large in size, cache memory will aid the computer to run much more efficient. The more cache inside the computer the better the computer will be. There are usually two forms of cache memory: 1. One connected to the hard drive 2. One connected to the RAM RAM (Random Access Memory) RAM is a form of memory inside the computer system. Internal…show more content…
Graphic designers normally use digital cameras because they are portable and have a lot of memory. Graphic Designers will want to take the images they take with the digital camera and put them on Photoshop. There are multiple ways you can do this such as cradle, wireless, card and cable. File storage Graphics files usually have large file sizes so a few people might need external file storage so that they can keep the files and use them again. People also use external file storage to backup all their graphics files so that you still have the files if you delete them or you might need to send files to a friend in an email. Hard Drives Hard drives are the most reliable form of file storage because they have a lot of storage and can be portable. Hard drives can be used to save any type of file. This means you can delete photo(s) on your camera once they have been saved to your hard drive so that you can free up space in your cameras storage to enable you to take more photos. I would recommend a 500 GB hard drive for graphics if you are serious about being a graphics designer but it depends how much you are going to do and how many files you will create. A 500GB hard drive will cost you anywhere between £20- £40. The price will be higher if the amount of storage you want is higher and will be lower if the amount of storage you want is
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