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Goa Heritage Action Group (GHAG), is the first Goa-based NGO which is founded to preserve and protect Goa’s heritage. Before the formation of Goa Heritage Action Group, issue of the preservation of goan heritage never took shape of a movement. Heritage Activist and Bombay based writer Ms. Heta Pandit and conservation architect Ms. Poonam Verma Mascarenhas mooted the idea of founding a heritage group in 2000. Heta Pandit began searching people to start the group and Goa Heritage Action Group founded on 30th September 2000, at Unitech City Centre in Panaji. Goa Heritage Action Group was registered on 12th December 2000. The founding members of Goa Heritage Action Group were Heta Pandit, Poonam Verma Mascarenhas, Dean D’cruz, Raya Shankhwalkar,…show more content…
Goa Heritage Action Group has organized cultural festivals such as ‘Folk Utsav’ in 2005, inviting various folk dance groups from Sattari, Quepem, Bicholim with a view to preserve folk dances such as dhalo, fugdi, davli-maandi, ghodemodni, zagor, talgadi, tonyamell etc. Goa Heritage Action Group has organized heritage festivals such as ‘Campal Panjim heritage festival’, heritage festival at the Massano-de-Amorim and five editions of famous ‘Fontainhas festival of the Arts’ where the heritage houses of fontainhas showcased art in the form of paintings in their balcaos, in their drawing rooms, folk dances in the evenings, discussions and lectures. The first fontainhas festival was held in January 2003. Goa Heritage Action Group also brought out annual publication called the ‘Parmal: The Eternal Fragrance of Goan Heritage’. It has also published a book titled ‘Walking in and around Panaji’, it talks about the thousands of heritage buildings, heritage sites etc.Members of Goa Heritage Action Group have taken out these various issues and worked for preserving the state history through lectures, publications, heritage trails, articles and columns in various newspapers, campaigns, press conferences, panel discussions. Individual members have delivered lectures, audio visual presentation titled ‘History and Heritage of Goa’ in schools, colleges, seminars…show more content…
Members of the Goa Heritage Action Group moved in the court in the case of Sristhal Mallikarjun temple case and Gopinath heritage temple at Netravalli. Goa Heritage Action Group has undertaken the detail history of various heritage monuments, heritage buildings, heritage sites of the eleven talukas of Goa and listed them according to the INTACH guidelines. Goa Heritage Action Group has fought for the preservation of the Old GMC heritage precinct and building in it, the Massano-de-Amorim heritage complex, restoration of the historic Tonca pillar of 1859, heritage houses on the Pedro Agnelo road, heritage cross at Betim, Saptakoteshwar temple of Opa-Khandepar, Communidade building of Mapusa, Caranzalem Rosary Chapel of 1731, Mohini temple at Sadolxem-Cancona, Banastarim fort, Sankhlim fort, Viragal of Nagve, heritage market of Old Goa, Rain trees of Campal, Vasco clock tower etc.They have also taken up issues such as the historic gunpowder factory, millstones of Ribandar, Kaavi art temple of Agarwada, Brahamanimaya temple of Caramzol Sattari, Parshuram temple of Paiquinim etc. Goa Heritage Action Group is also looking at heritage houses in Goa such as the Ghanekar house at Panjim, Sarah Fernandes house at Chandor etc, Goa Heritage Action Group have identified around five thousand heritage sites and properties and submitted the list to the government of Goa.

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