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Honey Badger Conservation Status Concern- Due to Beekeepers killing honey badgers because they will steal their honey. Location Africa, W & S Asia Length 23.5 - 30 inches Tail 8 - 12 inches Weight 15 - 29 lbs Life Expectancy 26 years in captivity Main Characteristics Honey Badgers have big tough bodies and have silver grey on the top of their head. They also have silver on their back and tail but mostly black all around. Honey Badgers have powerful Jaws and Sharp Teeth, which can pierce and even crush a tortoise shell. They are very intelligent animals and have even found ways to use tools to their benefit in their environment. The honey badger also has no known predators Habitat Honey Badgers are found in dry grasslands and forests that get lots of rainfall in Africa, western, and southern Asia. Typically the Honey Badger will be in dry grasslands or deserts, although it has the ability to adapt to different environments extremely well. The Honey Badger is even known to have the ability to strive in forest environments with various adaptations such as swimming shallow waters and tree climbing. The Honey Badgers…show more content…
Reproduction Not much is known about Honey Badger reproduction. What is known is that they have between one and four “kits”. After they are born they stay in a den for about three months till they will leave den. In five more months they will reach to be full size. Once they reach to be about a year old they will finally leave their mom . Family Relationships The honey badger is a solitary animal which means that they spend most of their lives on their own and only go together to mate. Once a female and male honey badger mate they do not stay together and the male honey badger doesn't play a part in raising their young. Their mother does spend about a full year with her

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