Gender Role Stereotyping Essay

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Other Article “Gender Role Stereotyping” Kathyn Scantebury she was mostly talking about how in school they are treated in different ways, and how women are not smarter than guys and she shows the facts of gender role she says that “In most European and North American societies, gender roles divide through male and female behavioral norms. Certain types of behaviors are categorized as masculine or feminine.” (Scantebury) She is stating the fact that in different country they are still treated the same. She also says, that in school tries to change them on how they want them to be and act on how they should be acting and this is also stated my fact that they are still stereotyped gender role. Also their childhood girls were supposed to be…show more content…
One of the facts that they have to comment was, the girls are emotional and should be good looking, and for boys that she should be tuff and not care what other people think. And also it has proven my point that gender role are still being stereotyped in this socialist till this day. Of the marking for toys, social media and commercial that still goes about the same way. And still point out about how a boy and a girl should act and should be doing in their life. But it has changed in many times like before it was not all good. Women’s didn’t really have rights at all and men had to work all the time and try to get the money to support the family, but sometimes would have enough because the women had to stay home and just clean and cook. Could do anything to help out the family, but throw after all that women’s try so many thing to get at less treated much better than before like on voting and working. Even for the men have showed changed that it's okay if they like to expect there feels and emotions without get judged and called rude name. they can be themselves with out getting hurt or bullied. Its also have changed for people that are gay they have change on how they used to see them before. For example, they would think they are weird and can’t do anything but that when they have proven many people wrong and got what they always wanted is to get married. Its shows that we are slowly

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