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Properly lifting a patient to a gurney is significant in many ways; however, there are two critical points that mean the variance between safe or injured, and with a job or a lawsuit. (Transferring a person from one position to another will ALWAYS be at least a 2 man job) First and foremost, lifting with his/her legs while keeping his/her back straight is very important. Keeping the legs shoulder width apart, bend down into a “squat” position at about 90-100 degree angle. Keeping in mind that the back should be as straight as physically possible, he/she will lift with THE LEGS. By doing so, it should feel like you are pushing up with your thighs, and simultaneously pressuring your feet down into the ground. The arms should only be working as the hook, and legs the lever. Detrimental injuries occur consistently in the EMS field due to improper body form; many of these injuries are career ending as well. Keeping the back straight decreases the occurrence of injury to almost none because it decreases the amount the back can pivot when lifting, decreasing arm movement as…show more content…
If the EMS provider does not want a lawsuit, it would be in any EMS provider’s best interest to take the proper precautionary actions when handling a patient. When he/she and their partner approach the patient, the neck/spine are always main priorities after the initial assessment and checking vitals. To keep patients head steady place both hands over their ears like ear muffs, and stay as immobile as possible. If there is a neck injury, or ANY reason/symptom that could possibly point to a neck/spine injury, swiftly take the proper steps towards that injury. If he/she is to take such advice frivolously before entering the field, more likely than not, an injury will occur and he/she will be sued. If the lawsuit is passed, that means in some way, he/she did not do their job, and boss will not be too

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