Retributive Justice Vs Restorative Justice Essay

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Trinh Huynh Criminology October 5, 2015 Professor Wells Restorative Vs. Retributive Justice Retributive justice is a legal basic that dictates that punishment for a crime is acceptable as long as it is a equivalent response to the crime committed. In this type of justice system, a crime is typically seen as being done against the state or government. As such, it is left to the government to pursue justice in terms of punishment against the individual who has committed the crime. In most respects, retributive justice seeks to punish a person for a crime in a way that is seen as compensatory for the crime. This type of justice system will often use incarceration, loss of property, and even loss of life in an effort to see that someone who commits a crime is punished in a way that is equal to the crime that has been…show more content…
Restorative justice is a theory of justice that underlines repairing the harm caused or revealed by unfair behavior. Restoration is best accomplished through complete and supportive processes, theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by unjust behavior. Restorative justice is sometimes used closely to refer to programs that bring affected victims together to agree on how to respond to crime. It is used more broadly by others to refer to a theory of reparation and prevention that would influence all criminal justice. Restoration is best accomplished through inclusive and cooperative processes. The circumstances that restorative justice addresses including Harm: injury, damage or loss. The result of injustice when someone violates the norms established to govern behavior among people within a group, community, or society. This includes not only violations of criminal law but of other enforceable rules such as student conduct codes in schools, workplace rules, and so forth. An approach of the revenge that

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