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Can the devil be an angel? Vladimir Dracul III is otherwise known as Dracula, a serial killer who spawned the famous Dracula stories. He did not drink the blood of his victims nor roam the night or lure woman to his castle to suck their blood. He did, however, kill thousands of people; Vlad is most famous for impaling victims, earning him the name Vlad the Impeller. He stuck sharpened ends of wooden posts which had some type of lubricant up the victim’s rectum, and placed the pole vertically to let his victims slowly slide down the pole. This method of killing took days for the victims to die. Elizabeth Bathory, also known as The Blood Countess, is famous for being Dracula’s wife in the Dracula stories. She was a ruthless killer who did lure young women to her castle with the promise of a paying job. Once in her castle, she captured and tortured her victims. Elizabeth is also known for…show more content…
To begin with, Vladimir was a warlord, known for many victorious battles. Secondly, he mainly killed enemies, and bad people that tainted his country. He had more of a reason to kill. Most importantly, he protected his country. Everything he did was for his country; all his killings, all the battles, and even striking fear in people was for his nation. In addition, Elizabeth killed for blood to remain “young.” That is pretty sick and twisted! Secondly, she got caught. Elizabeth did not make it a secret that she was a killer and often killed noble women frequently. If she was smart she would have hidden the bodies better and killed more secretly. Lastly, the way she hid her dead victims was to bury them. Therefore, in the end, Vladimir and Elizabeth had many differences. Vladimir was distinguished by of the love he had for his country. Elizabeth will always be remembered for her sadistic ways. In this essay I explained Vlad and Elizabeth’s motive for killing, methods, and their

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