Psychological Issues In Se7en

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The film, Se7en, is a crime thriller film that was written by Andrew Walker and directed by David Fincher. New Line Cinema released it on 22 September 1995. The film shows a dark tale about an individual committing crimes and leading detectives in a puzzling pursuit of him. These crimes in which the assailant commits are those of murder, each connected to the seven deadly sins of Christianity. Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt), Detective Lieutenant William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), Tracy Mills (Gwyneth Paltrow), and John Doe (Kevin Spacey) are the main characters and cast of the film. While watching the film Se7en, I felt that John Doe had psychological issues that he was coping with. The way that he planned each of the crimes he committed was time-consuming and…show more content…
However, based on the style of clothing and vehicles, I believe it to be the mid-late 80s through early 90s. The issues and focus of the seven deadly sins are both still issues today and play a major role in society. It portrayed the criminal justice system with accuracy; and showed how law enforcement works to keep a town safe and bring criminals to justice. However, as many criminals do, John Doe found a loophole to exploit in the detectives' pursuit of justice. He suggested that if the detectives did not agree to his terms he would plead insanity, and they would not find the other bodies. By the detectives and others agreeing, it shows how the criminal justice system would do nearly anything for a confession over a mountain of evidence. I would have tried him with the evidence at hand, and use his planning skills and decisiveness to show that the crimes we’re premeditated. It would have shown that he was in control of his actions, thought process, and why he was doing it. I would have relied on the assistance of anyone at my disposal to go over the evidence and any unsolved crimes to locate the remaining bodies, if there were

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