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Nowadays it is only about living a healthy lifestyle. Social media helps to create a certain image for - especially - girls to be fit. There are a lot of Instagram accounts from ‘fit girls’, who show their exercises and their healthy food. There is a lot of research about food and a lot of what we eat every day seems to be unhealthy. What can we eat, if almost everything is unhealthy? Only vegetables and fruit? No, because variety is important in your diet as well. Everywhere in the modern Western world, you see something about living healthy; food without sugar and exercising is one of the most known things nowadays to lose some weight. Everywhere you go, you are confronted with this idea. Another big hype is no calories, less calories or going on another diet, but which one of all these diets are healthy? Who decides if something is healthy or not and on which terms do they make this choice? A lot of people are struggling to maintain a healthy diet and reduce their weight. One of the hottest types of eating healthy is gluten-free food, but is this a healthy lifestyle? Because every diet has its downside. Gluten-free food has not been known for a very long time, it became popular around 2011, but…show more content…
Scientists and doctors agree that certain things about a gluten-free diet are beneficial for your health. Due to the growth of eating more vegetables this diet is healthy. When people start a gluten-free diet, it is assumed that people start to cook more by themselves. They do not use all kinds of packages, all of the food has to be fresh. In this case a gluten-free diet is indeed healthy, but leaving out products which contain gluten is not specifically good. Products such as bread and pasta contain a lot of fibres which are essential for your body. With not taking any of these products your body will suffer from it. Therefore a varied diet is

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