My Reflection On People's Criminal In History

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My reflection on people’s criminal in the history. Up to the present, I have already learned some atrocious historical incidents which deserve to rethink profoundly. One valuable question is that if I were the leadership of the army in the past, would I insist on killing other people? Would I obey my leadership to kill all the innocent people which mean without any reasonable reasons? One thing I might comprehend is that I might do such cruel action if the people hurt my precious thing: my family, without the protection of the law and moral rules. Therefore, I consider that why human beings insist on killing each other, most of the reasons are the profits get affected by human differences: nationality, race, religion, and individual deep-rooted…show more content…
I always think that they think they still the leadership in power in the world? Why they always make other they are the upper class and other is a lower class? Indeed, I do really hate that person I mentioned, I need to be very careful in order to get punishment under their unreasonable complaints or requirements. I always think that if I am the highest national leadership and allow to have the authority to kill all the people who do not have the same nation, race, religion to me, I think the world will become more unity, cleaner, easier to control the people and the important things is that I will use the most efficient method to get a huge wealth since wealth resent authority. If other country damage my wealth means to challenge my authority, act of provocation, I will kill all the disorder. In my viewpoint, I consider humans killing other humans is a obviously feature of war, the occur of every war, holocaust, genocide, massacre because of the wealth and authority, less part of the reason are the race, religion, nationality or gender, which I will treat them as an excuse to the outbreak of war and want to make it to reasonable and the leadership’s wrong psychological

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