Personal Narrative: Personal Experience In My Cousin's House

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It was 4 a.m., and I woke up knowing that there was an unwanted guest in our house. I was on vacation in Australia at my cousin’s house. My cousin went out with his wife for the day, and I was home alone with my nephew. We were watching movies all day long, and didn’t really get tired. We ended up sleeping at midnight. Suddenly, I was woken up by footsteps, “What was that,” I thought to myself. Then I turned to my side and saw that my nephew was gone. “Shibu, Shibu, where are you.” I said while walking down the stairs. I heard no reply, and I even searched most of the house. Then, walking towards the basement door I saw my nephew pointing at the door saying there is someone there. Thinking to myself, “Is he just joking with me. What should…show more content…
They seemed to get louder and louder. Turning around I hoped that my nephew wasn’t there, but he was right there sleeping beside me. “Could it be my cousin, but they said they were coming at eight in the morning,” I thought to myself. Picking up my phone, I looked at the time and it was Slowly I got up and woke up my nephew with my hand covering his mouth. “Be quiet, and don’t talk,” I told my nephew, and surprisingly he listened. My nephew and I walked down the stairs as slow as possibly hoping not to make any noise. Essentially, I was on my tiptoes the whole walk down the stairs, but not realizing that I forgot to bring the knife with me. While walking towards the basement door I was shaking, and I had goosebumps. “I have to check if there is someone in the basement, it could’ve just been my imagination.” Slowly I grabbed the door knob, and at that very moment I got the chills, and I couldn’t move for about 10 seconds. Once I could move I turned the door knob slowly, and tried to make no noise. Again, I saw nothing but darkness, but when I looked down the stairs I saw something that looked out of place. “What is that,” I thought to myself. It looked like a big object, a dark figure, possibly a person wearing a white hoodie, and a…show more content…
They decided to take their time because it took them around 30 minutes to show up. The neighbor explained everything to the cops because I couldn’t even say a single word during that moment. “Can you take us to your house,” said the cop. The cops just followed me, when I decided to run inside the woods towards my cousin’s house. While I was running, and the cops were around me I didn’t feel out of breath, my heart beat felt normal. We arrived at our house in about a minute, but when I was running through the forest trying to find help, it felt like an hour. Managing to speak I said, “There was a person inside the basement.” One of the cops went upstairs, just in case whatever I saw went upstairs. The other two cops went down in the basement, and they took only a flashlight, which I didn’t understand why because they could’ve just turned on the lights. At this moment I was calm, and for some reason there was nothing going through my head. “Well kid, we’ve searched everywhere, and there was nothing there, it was probably your imagination,” kindly said one of the police officer. “I’m 100 percent sure, I saw someone sitting in the basement stairs. Can you please check again please?” The cops went downstairs again and checked around, and this time they saw the basement door that lead outside was opened. The cops slowly walked upstairs and told me about this. “Listen your basement door was open, and that might

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