Cultural Impact On Mostafa Kamel

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Essay Political, social, economical, or cultural events imposed its effect on all kinds of art, especially on music, hence it’s easily influenced. This becomes very clear and obvious during the British colonization of Egypt in 1882, after the defeat of the Egyptian army that was lead by Ahmed Oraby. During this time, the egyptian people were fighting against the occupation of the British, Muhammad Ali’s family, social problems, and economic catastrophes. Facing all these factors that opposed them, the egyptian struggle had just begun. Egyptians started to travel in order to study in European colleges to gain academic and cultural knowledge, consequently, philosophers, scientists, poets, musicians, and leaders were born; these people lead Egypt against corruption and towards independence.…show more content…
Mostafa Kamel was born in 1874 and died in 1908. Mostafa was a political leader, egyptian writer, and a journalist. He was the founder of the Patriotic Political Party, he created the Al liwaa newspaper, he was the first to suggest that Egypt should have it’s own college, and he wrote the first egyptian play which was called Fatth Al Andalus. Mostafa Kamel studied law in France in the college of Toulouse. Mostafa had many famous quotes, four of them are: 1- “If I wasn’t an Egyptian, I would have wanted to become one.” 2- “There is no desperation with life, and there is no life with desperation.” 3- “The nation that does not wear from its clothes, and does not eat from it’s crops is destined to follow or perish.” 4-”My country, my country, take my love and my

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