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Natalie Flores-Garcia Period 2 9 October 2017 Rationale Over the past decade, technology has advanced to become an essential in daily life. It has evolved to the internet, social medias, and a way of communication. In this written task, I have decided to rewrite William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, into different text message conversations between the characters. However, the whole play will not be included. In this play, the audience sees the different altercations and events in which the characters conversate with one another. The idea of this task is to show the audience the tragedy of Shakespeare, but in a more modern way. In this generation, text messaging is seen everywhere, whether it is between two friends, your parents, and even teachers.…show more content…
*Barnardo added Unknown Number to the conversation M: Don’t say anything! It’s right here!! His number looks almost exactly as King Hamlet’s! M: See Horatio, you know better than us. Tell it something. Horatio doesn’t it look like King Hamlet’s Number? H: YES IT DOES! It only has one number that is different. It’s kind of creepy. I think it wants to tell us something. M: Horatio you should ask him something! H: Unknown number, who are you? Why do you message us so late at night? Your number is so similar to King Hamlet’s, and he is dead. Oh my god, speak to us. TELL US WHO YOU ARE! M: Wait we can’t be rude to it or else it will feel offended. Guys it wants to leave the chat! H: STAY! SPEAK TO US! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TELL US? *Unknown Number has left the conversation M: Guys it left, it won’t tell us anything anymore. Horatio, what’s wrong. I can tell that by your messages, you’re scared. so now you know that we…show more content…
What do you think. H: Oh my god guys, I swear to God, if I hadn’t seen the number, I wouldn’t believed you guys. M: But isn’t it crazy that is looks like the King’s number? H: Yes exactly! The King had the same number when he was alive. It’s actually really weird. In fact, I felt like it even texts like the King, but I haven’t see the messages. M: The crazy thing is that is has happened two nights ago too. And it’s always around the same time. I think that is really weird. I feel like he stalks us. H: I think I’m crazy, but I feel like the person using this number is going to give us some bad news. M: Now that that happened, can we talk about what is happening in Denmark. I’ve seen on Twitter and my social media that Denmark is making lots of cannons. I even think that there is a lot of weapons being brought from foreign countries. One of my friends is a shipbuilder, and he even works on the

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