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Tweed & Boucle Tweed is a medium to heavy weight fabric most often found in jackets, coats and suits. Originally made to fight cold winters, it has become a fabric of choice for many a designer. It is often crafted in a plain or twill weave, though houndstooth, herringbone and multicolored designs are also quite popular. The classic color palette is dominated by earthy tones. While men know tweed as a durable fabric perfect for English style suits and hats, the thing that first comes to a woman’s mind is an iconic Chanel style jacket. It was Coco Chanel who designed the tweed jacket that has evolved into an iconic piece every woman is eager to have. Over time, tweed fabrics have become lighter in weight and changed their designs. Modern Chanel style suits are made with lightweight tweed and boucle fabrics. Let’s find out more about these types of materials and what a classic jacket has to do with both of them. Types of Tweed Fabrics and Their Uses High performance, functional and hard wearing, tweed has come a long way since its invention. It speaks volumes about its wearer and is a statement cloth inspired by nature itself. Even the most mottled tweed fabric blends well with natural surroundings. There are tweeds for men, and there are tweeds for women. The gentleman’s range includes: • Donegal tweed • Saxony tweed • Harris tweed, etc.…show more content…
A Chanel inspired dress is no less classic, especially if sewn with some intricate patterned cloth. A Chanel style suit is also worth a look. Depending on the color, you can make a formal style two piece or a festive outfit for special occasions. The same goes for a coat. There are plenty of silhouettes one can tap into, from long and oversized and cropped and fitted, but it all starts with the right kind of fabric. Precious tweed. Precious boucle. There is no in

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