Personal Narrative: Magnificent Lombok

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Magnificent Lombok I had my holiday on 29th of December – 3rd of January 2017. My destination is Lombok because there are many beautiful beaches there. I went to Lombok by plane. I went there with my family. The activities I've tried there are very fun to do. At the first day, we stayed in a hotel near Senggigi named Coconut. The resort has a beautiful views and the building material is all wooden. I love the facilities there, mainly the Wi-Fi and the swimming pool. First, we went to Senggigi Beach. It’s quite beautiful but there are many seaweeds and I don’t like it. Then we went to Nipah to have dinner. The dinner is all seafood and grilled fish. Then we went through to Malimbu Hill, that’s very long drive. But I got many knowledge from…show more content…
In brief, I enjoyed Lombok very much. Lombok has many destinations to visit, and adventures to do. I especially love the beaches. They are many beautiful beaches like Kuta, Senggigi, Nipah, and others. The activities are also fun like the fabric weaving, snorkeling, and other sea activities. But i hate snorkelling to the deep water because I’m afraid of getting bitten by the fish. My suggestions for you who love sea activities, you should try snorkeling in Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Because they are many beautiful fish and coral reefs, other fun activities like giving food to the fish and visited many fish points like turtle points and Manta points. And for the food, you should eat the Gelato because it's really yummy. And for those who like spicy foods, you should try Plecing Kangkung, Taliwang Chicken and Rembiga Satay. And don't forget to eat Grilled Fish in Nipah. For the cultural activities, you should visit the Clay Factory. You will see the beautiful clay there and you will learn how to make the clay. Also,you should visit the weaving fabric station. You will learn how to weave the fabric. There are all

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