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Coconut oil, what a miracle! You may have tried cooking with butter or grease, but then switched to oils because they are lighter and better for your health. Well you are right, no one can doubt that. Oils are much better for your health. Going along with this fact, in this article we will talk about one of the best oils ever. Coconut oil is thought to be one of the best natural oils, you may be using coconut oil for regular cooking but you surely do not know that this oil is a miracle. The benefits of this oil is way much important than being only used in ordinary cooking. For example, coconut oil for hair growth is magical; you can’t even imagine how coconut oil can help your hair. And from your hair to your dog, coconut oil for dogs is being…show more content…
Coconut oil for hair growth is the most shining benefit of coconut oil, and the reasons behind that are coconut oil can shield in hair protein, it also moisturize the hair, improves the blood circulation, provide it with all essential nutrients and contain important anti-bacterial; for all these reasons, coconut oil for hair growth is considered to be a trusted technique. But how could we use coconut oil for hair growth? Using coconut oil for hair growth is so simple, follow the following steps and I guarantee you a long and strong hair. 1. Warm the oil gently until it completely melts. 2. Run warm water all over your hair. 3. Put some oil in your hands and apply on your hair. 4. Massage gently for about five minutes. 5. Cover your hair with any cover like shower caps. 6. Stay covered for twenty to thirty minutes, you only need to be patient. 7. Wash off the oil with your regular shampoo. • Coconut oil for

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