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Vlad the Impaler Few names have frightened more people than Vlad the Impaler. But what was he like when he was a child? Born in 1431 in modern day romania. Since he was born into a royal family he was already technically prince. His interesting way of killing people gave him his nickname. Even after his death his legacy still lives on, through countless books and movies. (LiveScience) Vlad III was the second of four brothers. From the royal family of Vlad II Dracul. (Encyclopedia Britannica) Vlad didn't have much of a childhood though, since he and his brother, Radu, was captured along with their father, Vlad II. But how was he captured? In 1442 Vlad II, his father, and his brother, Radu, were called to a diplomatic meeting with the Ottoman…show more content…
Impaling is painful way of torturing and killing someone. A wooden or metal stick is stuck up someone and would usually exit near the mouth or the shoulder. (NBC News) The stories of his gruesome way of killing people spread through pamphlets Some of them were gathered and placed in the book, the Tale of Dracula. It was made in 1490 by a monk. He showed Vlad as a cruel but fair leader. When Mehmet II took over constantinople, he also wanted to take Wallichia. He had gotten to the capitol before being met with a horrific sight, he found the dead bodies of all of the Ottoman prisoners of war all impaled. Another example of his cruel behavior was when Ottoman envoys came to him. When Vlad told them to take their turbans off they said no stating a religious reason. Vlad not very happy with this made sure that they would always stay on their heads by nailing the turbans to them. Vlad had also avenged his brother and father. He impaled lots of Saxon merchants who were allied with the boyers that killed his father and brother. (LiveScience) Throughout his life he killed about 80,000 people, friends and enemies combined, and 20,000 of them were impaled. (NBC

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