Pepsico Cash Flow Analysis Paper

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Finance Operating Cash Flow Growth % YOY 2013 14.26 2014 8.44 TTM — Free Cash Flow Growth % YOY 19.57 10.94 — Cap Ex as a % of Sales 4.21 4.29 4.32 Free Cash Flow/Sales % 10.38 11.47 12.12 Free Cash Flow/Net Income 1.02 1.17 1.55 a. Cash flow analysis: i. Trends:Pepsico is expected to attract new customers based on how well it's operating according to the increase in profits. ii. No, there aren’t any differences which are significant in the statements when calcuclated in constant versus reported dollars. iii. These trends has elevated the past performance for PEP as new customers where approaching its products. For future performance, it is expected that the trends will pay off a lot of profits. iv. Yes, the analysis supports the corporation past and pending strategic…show more content…
. How pepsico uses technology and innovation in its supply chain management: At PepsiCo, there are five global priorities that all impact the supply chain: brand building, innovation, execution, productivity, and driving cash returns. there are three key drivers that pepsico follows: 1) environmental sustainability; 2) technology and 3) digitizing the value chain. Environmental sustainability is an important part of PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose vision which guides everything they do, throughout every part of their supply chain. Pepsico has been seeking to reach for the triple bottom line as to be more sustainable. Globally, 22 manufacturing plants have achieved zero waste sent to landfill and 48 have achieved near-zero waste sent to landfill. (this reflects that they are using the lean production approach) They're also seeing incredible promise with alternative energy solutions such as landfill gas, solar, and even rice and oat hull biomass boilers. With these aspirations they are hoping to duplicate these cutting edge innovations and best practices across the globe in the coming

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