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Abstract Various bacteria naturally possess or acquire resistance which allows them to restrain the impact of specific antibiotics. This resistance is due to inherited functional and structural features or certain biochemical processes which involves vertical and horizontal gene transfer. Furthermore, target site modification, attainment of a different target, and regulation in permeability are three main biochemical mechanisms through which bacteria acquire antibiotic resistance. Nevertheless, the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria can be prevented by appropriate usage of antibiotics and practicing good hygiene.  Figure 1: Common types of bacteria that develop antibiotic resistance easily. 10Introduction Antibiotics…show more content…
7 Thus, the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria is a major issue that must be prevented. In order to reduce the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria, there are some strategies that must be taken into account, that is, using antibiotics properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Using antibiotics only when they are likely to be beneficial is a major key to prevent the antibiotic resistant bacteria. Therefore, minimizing unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics can help to inhibit the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics occurs when antibiotics are prescribed for conditions that do not require them. 8 Simultaneously, when the antibiotics are used correctly and in the right place, they must be taken as described by the doctor. The entire course of the prescribed antibiotic should be completed, so it can be fully effective and not breed resistance. In addition, antibiotics are meant to be used against bacterial infections only. They will not be effective against viral infections such as colds, most coughs, and influenza. Besides suitable use of antibiotics, a proper hygiene plays a role in preventing the spread of the antibiotic resistant bacteria. A proper hygiene includes cleaning shared items and hand-washing In fact, not sharing personal items such as towels or razors at all is better.

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