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“Concentrating on coloring an image may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones” (Pearson). When coloring a picture, it seems to make all the world’s problems disappear for a short amount of time. Although some may say that coloring is just a pastime to keep children busy. In fact, coloring has numerous health benefits with allowing one to be creative. The coloring is an exceptional way to reduce anxiety although some say that it does not work as well as therapy. Adult coloring books are making it all right to sit and not be productive. Coloring books were invented to keep kids busy not to relieve stress. Kids enjoy coloring so much because they do not have to do anything besides sit there and color. Teachers…show more content…
Each piece of research has shown that coloring has nothing but exceptional results. Coloring helps with depression, dementia, anxiety, and PTSD. Although more significant drops in levels were seen in younger people, older people still can benefit from coloring too. Coloring helps reduce cortisol levels which have to deal with stress. Stress can come in all forms but one thing is for sure, and that is that coloring and art therapy can help no matter what the pressure of life is. “Each book, however, has certain advantages and disadvantages, so helps to match the book to your needs” (Scott). The beautiful thing is that there are countless kinds of coloring books available now. Each person prefers different things, and there is now a coloring book out there for everyone to find one that interests them the most. From simple flower designs to incredibly detailed mandala designs a person can see which is most useful to them and their needs. These coloring books allow one just to relax and color a picture that helps them forget about the struggles of everyday life. Also, one image could have many turnouts on how it was colored. If a group of people was given the same picture to color the chances of having two the same are limited. Coloring can be done in different ways as well when it comes to the type of utensil being used. Some prefer markers while others like colored pencils better, yet some use crayons to bring

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