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Scenario 2 Introduction In this task I will be explaining the different types of fluid and I will also explain the different types of viscometer that is used to measure viscosity of fluid. Then I will be going to examine Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluid. Task 3 Explain the characteristics of and parameters of viscosity in water and mercury. Shear stress The shear stress measures the movement force of liquid as it follows on an obstacle or turns in it way. At the point when the force of water is bigger than the gravity force holding it there, it will start to travel through because of the force. The shear stress is measured of the pressure or weight on the surface of the fluid both vertical and even. The formula to calculate the shear…show more content…
The fluid is put position between two parallel plates that are 1.0 CM apart. The shear rate can be measured by the ratio of the velocity over distance. Dynamics viscosity The Dynamics viscosity in water is 8.90 x 10-4 Pa Kinematic viscosity The kinematic viscosity is the dynamics viscosity divided by the density. In water the kinematic viscosity of about 1 Cst at temperature of 20 °C The explain the effect of temperature and pressure of fluid on the viscosity. The viscosity will increase when the pressure will increase because the amount of free volume in the internal structure decreases due to compression. Consequently, the atoms can move less openly, and the internal friction forces increase. Since fluids are normally incompressible unless the pressure increase is critical the viscosity doesn't change much. (P2.2) After successfully completed the characteristics of and parameters of viscosity of fluid your manger has asked you to describe the techniques of the following types of viscometers. The viscometer also known as viscosimeter is a tool that is used to measure the viscosity of a fluid under one flow of liquid. The types of viscometer that I have found are list

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