Community Police Relationship Essay

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Interactions between a police department and the community in the jurisdiction that it patrols is very crucial. It is detrimental for the police officers to have a relationship with the people under their watch because the citizens in that area can either help or hurt them with cases that they are trying to deal with. According to Walker, Spohn, and DeLone (2016), how the police officer interacts with the people shapes their attitudes towards entire the police departments. There are many ways for the police to interact with a community and have relationships within. Common interactions that the police would have includes, but is not limited to, domestics calls, neighbor complaints, or simply doing routine checks. One of the bigger issues police…show more content…
They both need the other to deal with and resolve issues that may arise within their lives. The police need the community to help give them insight on an investigation or to possibly keep them informed on what is occurring in the community. The community needs to be able to trust the police and should be able to rely on them in the case of emergencies. The officers job is to protect and to serve not to discriminate, instill fear, and to lose any trust that they might have had. When there is a break in that link an issue that was easily fixable could worsen. How the officers treat the citizens they come into contact with will also shape the attitude, like if the officer is polite they would be more willing to talk to them than if they were aggressive and rude. Police officers should make an effort to build this connection and tackle any problems that might harm the community/police

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