Argumentative Essay On Broken English

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By unveiling the struggles of a simple trip to the grocery store through the viewpoint of an immigrant , one will come to understand that the term Broken English should be considered an inappropriate term To emotionally connect, imagine you’re an immigrant that’s leaving your home country, possibly forever. The journey is highly unpredictable, but let’s say you get there safely. You’re stuck in a foreign country and hungry. You have to get a job. Education was limited in your country so you take a job with manual labor. You see, American salaries are in sync with education, meaning the more education, the higher their wage. For example, An American physician spends an average of 14 years training for the job: four years of college, four years…show more content…
Gregory Guy adds, ’’The differences between Standard English and other types of English are described as categories: pidgins, creoles, or dialects, often called varieties.’’ How americans speak can be classified as a creole, a language spoken and developed over…show more content…
And maybe I wouldn’t have to address this topic if the media didn’t appoint racial roles with demeaning accents and exaggerations that humiliate the culture. But I’m just a student, right? I should just abide when the American School system tries to brainwash me into a constraint where ‘‘Christopher Columbus discovers America’’. I won’t because who’s going to speak for all those regretful children of immigrants that shunned their own heritage because of the pressure to assimilate to the ‘‘American tongue’’ A survey by Pew Research Center revealed that 55% of multiracial adults have ‘‘been subjected to slurs or jokes because of racial background.’’ Finally, we’ve reached the part in the argument where the entire opposition’s view gets thrown out the window because you can review the American constitution how many times you want but you won’t find any mention or indication of an official language. Thus, the censorious attitude has absolutely no reason. So, yes, you arrived at the grocery store, with more difficulties than necessary, I hope you enjoyed your journey with the company, courtesy of this broken society having the audacity to call your attempt at learning their culture

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