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I. Equipment in Dentistry A patient might not realize how many different pieces of machinery go into running a dental practice in order to ensure quality care. One aspect most people do not know about it the sterilization component. Each dental instrument that is used on a patient, whether it be the mirror, scaler, extraction forceps, drill tips, explorer, or even the x-ray holders all go through a rigorous process of sterilization. Discussing sterilization will also incorporate many of the dental instruments and equipment seen or encountered in a dental environment. Even for just a few minutes, millions of bacteria cells, not to mention saliva, blood, and residue from a patient’s mouth transfers onto any piece of equipment being used on them.…show more content…
Just from one small aspect of the office, sterilization encompasses the entire process and brings together seemingly unrelated topics and merges it into one. It allows for dentists to see more patients in one day since dental equipment can be more efficiently and rapidly be sterilized and be reused in a short amount of time. It allows for the dentist, dental assistant, or dental hygienist to safely do their work without fear of contracting diseases. Furthermore, the patient can be sure they are in a sterilized environment and that all the equipment being used on them has been handled with care and tailored just for…show more content…
There are many advancements to be made and discovered. It feels as if only the tip of the iceberg has been explored and what remains underneath is waiting to be cracked open. Teeth have fascinated human beings for thousands of years from 5000BC up to today. It has only been in the last 200 years that dentistry has seen such a rapid growth. The history of the dental field continues to evolve and dentists are carrying on their work and being socially responsible. They are helping communities maintain good oral hygiene and brought forth a generation where they influenced the government to introduce fluoridation in the water supply which has been linked to reduced dental caries and preventative measures. Sterilization techniques and equipment’s are essential to a properly maintained dental environment and have only recently been introduced. Many facets must come together in order to be a functioning unit, just as history must utilize to complete the whole narrative. Fundamentally, dentistry has a rich history in which both patient and dentist is a part

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