The Importance Of Dental Radiation

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TITLE:AWARENESS OF RADIATION PROTECTION MEASURES OF DENTAL IMAGING AMONG PRIVATE DENTAL PRACTIONERS IN LUCKNOW CITY- A QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY. ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Dental Imaging is a helpful aid in the diagnosis of maxillofacial lesions. The dentists have to assess benefits against its hazards and be aware of different radiation protection measures. AIM & OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine the dentist’s knowledge and practice about dose reduction technique and quality of dental radiographic measures among private dental practioners in Lucknow city. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The survey was performed on 100 private dental practioners from Lucknow city, India.Information about radiation protection taken up by them in their dental…show more content…
The primary risk from dental radiography is radiation induced cancer. The literature on possible harmful effects of professional diagnostic exposure for dentists is not consistent. The risk involved with dental radiography is certainly small in comparison with many other risks that are a common part of everyday life. however, no basis exists to assume that it is zero. Also, the biologic effects of ionizing radiation absorbed during dental radiography are uncertain.[2,3 The radiographic examination used in all fields of medical services and contributes to the promotion of the health, both individually and nationally. Radiographic examination plays an essential part of dental practice. Certain amount of radiation is inevitably delivered to patients, it should be as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). Dental practice has its own way of radiation exposure. The practicing dentist differs from medical colleagues as he exposes, processes and interprets the radiograph. Though the exposure is minimal it is very important to reduce the radiation to avoid the accumulated dose to the dentist in their…show more content…
The risks can be stochastic (of which probability increases with dose) and deterministic (of which severity increases with dose).[1] Cancer induction and genetic effects are stochastic effects and cataracts, blood dyscrasias and impaired fertility are examples of deterministic effects. Principles of radiation protection The current radiation protection standards are based on 3 general principles: Justification of a practice, optimization and dose limitation.[5,6] Although the radiation dose levels in dental practice are relatively low, one should consider the cumulative effect of repeated exposures. There should be a striving for radiation protection measures in the private dental offices. With this background, we performed a survey in the private dental offices to gain insight in the attitude of the Lucknow dentists towards radiation

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