Environment Before Jolly

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PARAGRAPH 1: The environment before Jolly changed was negative and had a negative impact on everyone identity in the household. Jilly as well as Jeremy both were very dependent on either Lavaughn or Jolly I didn’t have really an idea about anything or how to do anything. Resource needed to raise children were very low and were never abundant and there for the children in the beginning of the book. “There were only 3 diapers left so I said (29)” Jolly can’t afford all this supplies and she’s not really sure what to do for the kids. When Jolly shows up 2 days it made Lavaughn wonder what Jolly was trying to do. “ Jolly came home. Two days she was gone but she came home. I was supposed to leave before midnight but there was nobody here so I…show more content…
Towards the end of the book Jolly shows that there is no messing up again and she going to make a better life for her and her children. The environment of Jolly as she’s going back to school and after her schooling has a positive effect on the identities of everyone surrounding her. Lavaughn is starting to feel more like she did what she needed to do. She had to help Jolly when she needed it and once she got back on her feet she doesn’t need Lavaughn as much. “ My fourth period teacher she asks me one day... you're getting more sleep now a days? ( 117) If we go back to the beginning of the book Lavaughn would stay at Jolly’s instead of going to school. Jolly now feels that she doesn’t need Lavaughn as much, I feel also that Jolly doesn’t need Lavaughn because Jolly now might value education more and knows that Lavaughn needs an education. Jolly really is starting to set an example for her children because now instead of spending her nights out trying to find work/money she spends her nights studying.”And Jolly has to know her kids’ favorite food also.This is for her math class. Because she has to then do her estimating homework (165).” Jolly has to take time now to do her math, she’s putting in effort to get results out of it. When Jilly chokes Jolly knows how to react to it,she’s calm and does what she is suppose to do! “She pushes on that little chest with her fingers...Jolly’s determined ,she has such a face on her, this is a war with whatever is inside Jilly. (185)” Since this Mom’s Up Program Jolly is prepared for this and she knows what to do. Maturity also plays a factor because at the beginning of the book she would of second guessed Jilly choking and made Lavaughn do it. Now she gets in there and talks to Lavaughn about what to do. Jolly’s Apartment at the end of the book was like someone tore it down and built a new apartment. The

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