Eradicate Extreme Poverty In The Musical Gratt By Jonathan Larson

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Two dollars in the United States will allow one to buy; one bottle of shampoo, one slice of pizza or a single song off of itunes. Although these items bring us fulfillment at the time, they do not satisfy our need to live. It is hard to believe an estimated 2 billion people live on less than 2 dollars per day or less. (insert citation) The average american household makes about one hundred thirty-eight dollars per day. Poverty is the state of not having enough money to afford items such as; food, shelter, clothing and more. Although it seems in America have it pretty decent, why is it we let our brothers, sisters, and neighbors live in means below their needs? An average 175 billion dollars is needed to eradicate extreme poverty…show more content…
With this concept each author allowed us to see how poverty affected each characters live with written word. We are able to see first hand how poverty affects each character by what they are saying. The second rhetorical concept was the concept of ethos. Through this concept Larson & Kerman gave the audience of taste of what living in poverty was truly by how the characters dealt with it. Take for instance the struggles of the characters in the Musical Rent by Jonathan Larson. In this story we are able to see first hand the lives of struggling artists in the city of New York. Each with a dream to make it bigger than those around them. Instead we are shown the hard life of living with AIDS/HIV as well as struggling with sexual orientation, and lastly how to pay the current month’s rent. The concept of pathos distinguished the emotions each character in brought out in the stories, Rent & Orange Is The New Black, in the terms of poverty. This concept embarks on emotional appeal and allows the author to connect the message of poverty by getting in touch with what the target audience values. Lastly the rhetorical concept of mythos. This concept allowed both of the authors to use their experiences to relate to the target audience they were trying to reach. Piper Kerman went to prison and tried to understand the lives of those around her during it. While Jonathan Larson attended Adelphi University in New York city and graduated…show more content…
During this time an epidemic known as HIV/AIDS had reached the United States and the population. By the end of 1990s it was known over 307,000 people in the U.S. had contracted AIDS, compared to the 8-10 million living with HIV.(insert citation) It was not longer being swept under the rug by the government, instead awareness had begun to spread about the disease. A major step in spreading awareness was the courage of well known basketball player Magic Johnson stating he was living with the HIV disease. No longer was it thought only those living close to the poverty line and of the homosexual culture were the only ones affected by the diseases. More awareness was brought forward about the epidemic through tv shows, music, books and

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