Describe The Differences Between Denny And Gloria

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I. Thesis Denny and Gloria have two cats, one was already old when the other one was a kitten. In some ways they are alike; however, it is their differences that make them unique. II. Sassy Sassy is a grey female cat with an overall mean demeanor. Sometimes, Sassy will want to be held; most of the time she doesn’t even like being picked up. Also, if Denny is not careful, Sassy will scratch his leg for no other reason than him walking by. Furthermore, Sassy has never liked her tail or paws being touched, even if her tail is barely brushed she will become angry. While petting her, if Gloria accidently lets her hand go down Sassy’s tail, she will bite and claw Gloria’s hand. If Sassy ever hurts her paw it might take a longer time to heal than needed,…show more content…
Sassy comes inside to eat, she never kills any of the birds but will chase squirrels if they get to close. Bell 2 III. Beau On the other hand, Beau, is an overall nice cat. Every day when Denny comes home, and walks in the front door; he is met by Beau, who rubs against his leg and meows. Often Beau wants Denny to hold him. After Denny sits down in his arm chair, Beau will jump on his lap. Also, Denny can touch Beau’s tail, and toes, without worrying about being scratched. While Beau was a kitten, Denny made a point of rubbing between Beau’s toes and petting his tail. Because he did that, Beau allows Denny to touch him anywhere. One of the biggest differences, is the fact that Beau does not like going outside. Beau has been an inside cat since Denny first brought him home. When Beau was a year old he ventured outside. Denny heard him crying from under the deck, and had to crawl to him in order to get him out.

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