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For anyone that watches the sport, there are so many different types of baseball players. There are many different position players such as infielders, outfielders, catchers, and pitchers. There are also different types of batters: power hitters that try to hit the ball as far as they can, contact hitters who try to get on base with smaller hits, and faster players who use speed to their advantage; but to somebody who pays a lot of attention and has a strong desire for the game, there are truly only two kinds of players, those who are ballplayers and those who are not. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary tells us that a ballplayer is a noun defined as "a person who plays ball; especially a baseball player." Using this description, anyone and everyone who has played, or is playing, baseball could be classified as a ballplayer, but there is much more to a ballplayer than what meets the eye. So, what exactly separate ballplayers from the normal crowd? Their skills and abilities have very little to do with it. Success is another thing that doesn’t weigh in to the factor of being a ballplayer. A ballplayer does not need impressive stats, championships, or an overpaid sports contract. To be a ballplayer, the name on the back of the jersey does not need to be known all around the world, or even…show more content…
The basic characteristics that make one are that he is an overachiever in what he does. He can constantly be seen hustling everywhere he goes and making his greatest effort for the good of the team. From the countless hours that he has put into his game, he has a terrific feel for what he does and he loves doing it. He is always aware of what is going on and possesses a great amount of knowledge for the game. At the very least he is a team player. Ballplayers don’t try to show off and flaunt their skills to make a good show. They love to play, they can be very dependable, and they are the kinds of players that coaches love to have on the

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