Toussaint L Ouverture Essay

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Secondly, Toussaint L’Ouverture is the next influential modern thinker who will be outlined. He is famous for being the revolutionary who helped Haiti rise above the tyranny and slavery and bring freedom to all his people. Unlike Hobbes, Toussaint was not for the government. Throughout his lifespan he had been constantly fighting with the authoritative powers in attempts to achieve universal liberty. Even though as he pursued this goal he became more powerful but not power hungry, he knew that slaves could gain power through unity. According to C.L.R James noted that “Toussaint understood that power was a means to an end” (Toussaint L’Ouverture Pg. 155). He strongly believed that any authority that prevented an individual or individuals from free will was not acceptable. “ Any authority which is not founded on virtue and humanity, and which only tends to subject one’s fellow man to slavery, must come to an end” (Letter 3, Toussaint…show more content…
After Toussaint was granted his freedom he swore he would help others redeem their freedom as well. He soon became the leader for a rebel slave army and for many years he led this army into battles against the French, Spanish and British fleets and came out victorious. His ultimate goal was to bring equality to Haiti by eliminating any reminiscence of slavery. “We are your equals then, by natural right, and if nature pleases itself to diversify colors within the human race, it is not a crime to be born black nor an advantage to be white” (Letter 3, Toussaint, L’Ouverture, Pg.161). Similar to Hobbes ideals on equality Toussaint too thought that all men are born equal no matter the physical appearance. To him we all came from the same place so having one race being more dominant then the other is not justifiable. Also throughout Toussaint’s fight for freedom he was also trying to help the poor but always put the slaves

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