Empathy In Frankenstein

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A World Without Empathy People will argue that society does create monsters, which can be found to be very true. But there are unique people who are born monsters. I'm here to talk about people who become monsters through the actions of others. In the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor whose interest became fixated on bringing back the dead. Victor was even able to to bring back a body made up of many others, but once he did he became panicked and hateful towards it. Victor's creation wasn't a monster until Victor gave his creation false hope and took it away from him, that is when his creation became a monster. Prejudice and hate towards others, the reason why people become monsters, the actions by people are the reason why monsters are created.…show more content…
A monster is a person who hurt others either by emotionally or physically hurting them for no reason or for petty reasons. Murderers are monsters who enjoy bringing pain to others. Bullies, on the other hand, hurt people because of social life or due to being bullied by someone else. This leads to another question, who bullied them to make them the way they were it's an endless cycle when it comes to bullying? Victor can be seen as a bully towards his creation. He abandoned his creation with no understanding of the world in which he was left with. Yet when the monster comes to Victor for help, Victor turns him away. This leaves the monster to turn on Victor and make him feel the same way as him. The sense of being alone with no one understanding
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