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Michelangelo: Letter to Vittoria Colonna (1542) Dearest Vittoria Colonna, I write to you on this very fine evening from my home in Florence (I have returned briefly from Rome) as an apology. I have not had correspondence with you for a substantial amount of time (many months it seems), and I wish to beg for your pardon. I hope that I gain access to your best regards once again. As of late, I have been spending my time reminiscing over my previous art works. I clearly remember the days of when I was painting the ceiling of the magnificent Vatican's Sistine Chapel for Pope Julius II. I do not believe I have conveyed this incident to you before, so I shall tell you the story now. One fine afternoon whilst I was diligently working on a particularly intricate scaffolding piece, Pope Julius asked me…show more content…
I would enjoy discussing art, as well as politics and religion if you please, with you. Your opinion is of significance and value to me. As you know, I started off my career as an apprentice to a painter (Domenico Ghirlandaio) and worked my way up to studying in trouble great gardens of the noteworthy Medici family. I pride myself on becoming a successful artist in this changing period of time. One of my sculptures that I am extremely proud of was David (created 1501-1504), which is a marbled portrayal of the well-known Biblical hero David. Another work of mine that I am satisfied with is the Pietà. It is one of my greatest creations; I carved it from a single slab of Carrara marble. This depiction of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ is one that I hold near and dear. Enclosed with this letter is a drawing I have made for you from your previous request. It is a black chalk drawing of the Pietà. It would be extraordinarily kind if you would perhaps share your insights. Our last discussion of religion and secular ideas was especially educating; your point of view is unique and

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