Emily Dickinson Heroism

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This is a short poem with more meaning in the idea of the words and what it represents than the context. It represents heroism and how people react to situations. Emily Dickenson is trying to portray how people rise to a situation. She is using symbolism in particular when she says our stature rises to the skies if we come out on top in a difficult situation. Dickenson may be trying to portray soldiers in war when people are battle tested. There are some that hide behind others so they will not see real action and are never tested to see how they will react in a situation that takes character. Our statures touch the sky is the perfect imagery also in explaining what she means. With a short poem like this one, Dickenson uses powerful imagery in this…show more content…
It also gives a person the feeling of being on top and standing tall when a person is going into another battle. Dickenson also uses the term heroism to support the feeling of a man after coming out victorious. It is this word that states what a mean becomes after a battle. She explains heroism comes forth in the moment and is not scripted or planned. Heroism is the focus point of this poem and describes what Dickenson is trying to say. She also explains that heroism is a daily thing. It is tested in front of your peers during battle, but it is proven throughout the days. It is something that is included in a person and shows throughout their actions. Dickenson is possibly trying to complete the metaphor when she says that line. A person can truly stand tall when they do heroic actions daily for the people around them and they can feel confident that they can count on that person to be a hero for them. For fear to be a king is what Dickenson states to explain a hero should be a leader of all. A person whom is battle tested can be trusted to do the heroic thing all the time. They are a person whom everyone can stand behind as they lead
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