Summary Of The Threat To Free Speech At Universities

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Imagine attending a university where you are unable to share your thoughts and feelings amongst your peers. Life is all about communicating within one’s own society. Students should always have the right to express themselves freely and not be fearful of any repercussions. Although, students should be full aware and cautious of what they say, and a student’s right to free of speech should be fully protected. College students should be granted freedom of speech because of the protections, entitlement to their own opinions, and being able to express and exchange ideas. In “The Threat To Free Speech At Universities,” Greg Lukianoff informs the readers that since civil right laws banned sexual discrimination on campuses, and how now harassment legislation with an excuse became the main tool universities use to develop…show more content…
He was able to gather support from The Supreme Court, “The court defined harassment as discriminatory, directed at an individual, that is ‘so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive’ that ‘victim-students are effectively denied equal access to an institution’s resources and opportunities” (89). This verifies that if this were to be applied then this would pose little threat to free speech and effectively prohibit real harassment. Since this is an observation, there is an answer to this unreasonable speech code, which affects the influential perspective on the audience. This leads the audience to question the authority about the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also inform the audience that this there belief on how harassment-based speech codes can greatly impact a student’s academic integrity. As the audience makes a connection to this idea, correlation is being made between their freedom of speech and the current speech code. The writer gave an explanation on what changes can do, which would appeal to the

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