Boat In Hands By Jerry Uelsmann Analysis

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¬ Jerry Uelsmann’s Untitled (Boat in Hands) is a surrealist 2D photograph. Surrealism originated in the 1920’s, “It was an artistic movement, dedicated to expressing the imagination as revealed in dreams, free of conscious control of reason and convention.” Similar to Dada, it was a form of escape for artists from what was going on around them at that time. Surrealism for Jerry is his approach of relating with the world, as he can formulate a reality that is more significant to him than one that is “given to the eye” Jerry Uelsmann created this image in 1996. When asked about his clients Uelsmann said “I can do this [artwork] because I don’t work with clients”, this way he is able to create artwork that is distinctively his. He combines multiple negatives together to create one image. This photograph depicts a boat in the sea captured inside a…show more content…
His images reaches out to me because I feel that I have the freedom to create my own summary from it, what I get from it maybe be much different to the next person, Uelsmann’s doesn’t just create a simple image he experiments with different elements and creates effective thought-provoking images which raises internal questions or just make you wonder what was going on in his mind whilst creating them. To me the message of Untitled 1996 someone wanting to be free and God is looking down at them and watching over them. Its telling us that whatever we do our wherever we go God is always there and he will always guide us to the right path. This image communicated effectively because it’s monochromatic so our eyes aren’t distracted which allows us to properly analyse each element in the image and then create personal summaries off image as a

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