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Human Heart: Facts, Information’s, Anatomy and Functions INTRODUCTION: Today I will talk about the human heart which is one important organ of the human organism. More specific I will discuss what is the human heart and general information. Also I will talk about the facts, the anatomy ,the functions and the most important which is the heart diseases and the preventions of the human heart. WHAT IS THE HUMAN HEART: The human heart is the most important organ in our organism I believe these because the heart carries about other organs of our system and if the heart does not work multiple organs would fail to work without the support of the human heart. Many people does not know how works the most important organ of our body so I will get to the point. The heart is an organ that pumps blood through the blood vessels from one system which is called circulatory system. The heart pumps 72 times per minute but these changes sometimes from the age and from the tribe. The heart pumps blood because carries about the vital materials which help our body and removes all the waste things that our organism does not need.…show more content…
In now days more and more people are died from a heart disease because they do not have a healthy life or because they are not pay attention in symptoms that have in the heart. The women are more likely than men to dismiss symptoms of heart problems. It is well known that the heart symptoms are similar for men and women. The main danger from heart disease is that someone who has a symptom they do not goes to hospital early. As a result of these is when someone goes to hospital to have an advanced problem in the heart and then the options from treatment are very few. So it is very important that when we have a symptom in the most important organ in our body the heart, the best thing is to go immediately to the doctor to give as help as earlier it can. If we let it too much time they will be too
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