Elie Wiesel Human Rights Violations

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Human rights, our God given gift handed to us the moment we take our first breath in this world. We as human beings are entitled to our rights, but what are we to do when these rights are violated? Article five in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that, “No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” and yet this right has been violated many times throughout history and even today. One of the most notable of which is the tragic events that took place during the Holocaust. Human beings were treated as less than animals, they were denied their rights as people and were treated with such atrocity that even today it can be difficult to discuss the events that took place then. Elie Wiesel,…show more content…
He tells of the horrors with great detail, and in these moments it becomes evident that article five in the declaration of human rights is a valid right to enforce. Ellie witnesses the cruel treatment of his father when he simply Hembree 2 asked for the bathroom and was met with a slap to the face in which he afterwards, “... crawled back to his place on all fours.” (Night Elie Wiesel 39.) This excerpt showcases the degrading punishments they would face in the concentration camps, to think that simply asking for the bathroom could earn such a reaction is an absurd thought and yet these people were faced with much worse tortures everyday. The book continues on to defend the fact that people should be treated as they are, complex beings that are worthy of care and respect. The right to be put above cruel punishment and torture is a fact so obvious that it should not even have to be enforced, and sadly there are numerous moments in which this right is undeniably taken advantage…show more content…
The world should have never had a reason to make a Universal Declaration of Human Rights and yet, humans are humans and they make mistakes and for many reasons there was a need to do so. The important fact is, we are our own people and no other shall deny us our happiness. These rights were created to protect us and to ensure that we do not fall victim to the horrors of mankind. No doubt, the world is horribly flawed with pain in every corner we turn in life, but there is also still humanity on this planet. We see humanity in the form of volunteers at a homeless shelter, or in the numerous soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday. The survivors of the world’s pain, the innocent victims of life need to remember one thing, they are the world’s greatest conquerors that ever lived. Their suffering is never silent, and the deceased are never forgotten, like Elie said, “Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere,” (Night 119.) They forever live on in the form of memories, monuments, and noble history

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