Comparing Courage And Pilecki's The Red Badge Of Courage

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Nobody wanted to enter Auschwitz because they knew how brutal it was, but one man choose to enter the camp. While many people were trying to get themselves out of the brutal camps at Auschwitz, one hero made the choice to go to a camp. While Witold Pilecki was getting himself into the war, Henry a fictional character in the book The Red Badge of Courage written by Stephen Crane was trying to get himself out of the war. Henry ran away from war calling himself courageous. Witold Pilecki ran himself into the war by entering a camp to make the lives of many Jewish people easier. Witold makes himself courageous by his acts in the camps. Henry thought about being the hero at the end by his wounds; while Witold wanted to help others by his acts. Witold's acts of…show more content…
Henry from The Red Badge of Courage worried about appearing courageous to the people around him, but his acts made him look like a coward rather than the hero. When Henry ran away he justified through nature why what he did was courageous. Henry through a pine cone at a squirrel and the squirrel ran by the action of the squirrel running he justified that a human should run when danger comes. Henry comforted himself that he had not failed his goal of not running away. He comforted himself by saying that the people who did not run away we’re idiots and we're going to die (Crane 51). Him justifying himself is not courageous a courageous action he could have taken would be fighting and not giving up. Giving up shows weakness and a courageous person is not weak. Henry later finds himself talking to the Tattered Man who continually asks Henry where his wound is. Henry does not know how to reply and tells the man to go away. Henry

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