Economic Differences Between North And South Colonies

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Before there were states, there were colonies. Before there was east and west, there was only north and south. Colonists had the option to settle in those two areas only and see which life they would’ve liked better due to their differences. The northern and southern colonies differed in many ways due to economy, population and religion. These three reasons provide the differences between the two colonies. The Northern economics compared to the Southern economics were completely different due to the way they were controlled. While the north was based on more industrialization, the south south was heavier on a rural economy and depended on plantations. (Notes) They also grew different crops, the north grew faster crops. The north grew wheat and corn and raised cattle and hogs. Due to their agricultural based landscape, the south happened to grow rice, indigo, cotton and tobacco. (Activity Chart) However, the south had an advantage. They had much larger farms and resources than the north. Slaves also played a big role for the…show more content…
The English elite and euro immigrants also were thrown in the mix. (Chart) Unlike the south, the north had few slaves and didn’t force hard labor upon them. Often times, the northern slaves were treated more as individuals than objects. In the south, all that surrounded were slaves and white plantation owners. (Chart) The evolution of slavery seemed to change a lot in the south. Whites started off with the Natives, then along came the indentured servants and finally they continued to use Africans. (Notes) Whichever race was in action, the labor seemed to get worse. It seems when the Africans came, the owners treated them as objects and not human beings, not even animals. (Notes) Slaves weren’t granted any respect or freedom. Labor was what they did on a daily basis. If this is what they did to slaves, imagined what happened when their religious beliefs were brought into

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