Native American Colony

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Type: E 1. Briefly analyze the following: a. What life was like for the Native Inhabitants before the arrival of the Europeans? @ Students will include the impact they had on the environment, dietary need and how it was acquired, formation of groups @ See rubric b. What were the Similarities and differences between the Natives Americans and Europeans? @ Students will include some key points such as: spiritual, type of community, how labor was divided, and concept of private property, assignment of tribes, technology and impact of environment @ See rubric Describe why the Plain Indians used horses and what did they supplement this use with? @ Students will include use of guns and horses for protection and to attack the enemy. @ See rubric…show more content…
Joint Stock Company 22. England won victory over Spain in its first attempt to settle in North America and establish a colony off the coast of what is now North Carolina. By 1590 the colony mysteriously disappeared with several theories as to why. What would this colony become famously known as and who was the English settler who establish it? a. John Rolfe and the Lost Colony b. Joint stock company and Sir Walter Raleigh c. The Lost Colony and Captain John Smith *d. The Lost Colony and Sir Walter Raleigh 24. All are Characteristics of the Joint stock company except: a. Used by explorers to raise capital for expeditions *b. Had a Profitable Fur trade with Iroquois c. Sold private shares to investors who provided startup funds d. Today’s American Corporations are founded on the same principals 25. Which is not an association with Amerigo Vespucci *a. Italian member of the Spanish expedition b. Explored South America c. America is named after him d. Italian member of the Portugal expedition 26. This settlement was annihilated by the Spaniards and viewed as hearsay by the Catholic Church. It is considered the first permanent settlement in the United States. a. Jamestown, Virginia b. Raleigh, North Carolina c. Salem,…show more content…
The Puritans *b. The Huguenots c. The Pilgrims c. The Dutch 29. In 1588 a navy was assembled by King Philip II to conquer England and gain complete control in the Americas. The navy of the Spanish was known as the: a. Ecomienda b. Mercantilism c. Slavery *d. Spanish Armada 30. This settler confused the Bahamas for the East Indies and named the Native Americans Indians, named modern day Haiti Hispaniola for Japan. Who was this settler? a. Francisco Pizarro b. Hernan Cortes c, Machlinche *d. Christopher Columbus 31. These groups of people were at first a small percentage of the population and would become imported in large numbers to the southern colonies? a. English b. Indians c. Mestizos *d. Slaves 32. Which is not related to Black Slavery a. Chattel b. Triangle slave trade c. The preserving and mixing of their culture with Europeans *d. Indentured Servitude 33. Hernan Cortes was sent to Mexico in 1519 to magnify the Spanish Empire. Cortes held the rank of aspiring conquistador. He befriended Machlinche to translate the Aztec native language. Cortes reach the city of Tenochtitlan and gain power by befriended this Emperor: A. Montezuma I B. Elizabeth I C. King Philip II D. Montezuma

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